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/AB | 1756-L61 | ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller
AB | 1756-L61 | ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller
AB | 1756-L61 | ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller
AB | 1756-L61 | ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller

AB | 1756-L61 | ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller

  • Brand :

    Allen Bradley
  • Part Number :

  • Weight :

    0.55 KG
  • Dimension :

    22x17.3x5.2 cm
  • Country of Origin :

  • HS Code :

  • Description :

    ControlLogix 2 MB Memory Controller

The Allen-Bradley 1756-L61 is a ControlLogix controller. It has 2 MB user memory and 478 kb I/O memory available, with an optional non-volatile storage memory of 128 MB with the use of 1784-CF128 CompactFlash memory card. It is a chassis-based controller and can be placed in any available slot of the 1756 ControlLogix chassis. Compatible chassis for this controller are 1756-A4, 1756-A7, 1756-A10, 1756-A13, and the 1756-A17. It has an open-style type of enclosure and can support up to a maximum of 250 controller connections. It also has a built-in RS-232 serial communication port. Supported protocols of the RS232 port are DF1 full/half-duplex, ASCII, DF1 radio modem, Modbus via logic, and DH-485.

It has a maximum digital I/O of 128,000, a maximum analog I/O of 4,000, and a maximum total I/O of 128,000. Controller tasks of the 1756-L61 include 32 tasks, 100 programs per task, and event tasks: all event triggers. The 1756-L61 has various communication options, such as ControlNet, Data Highway Plus, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, SynchLink, Remote I/O, and third-party process and device networks. The current draw of the 1756-L61 controller is 1200 mA at 5.1V DC and 14 mA at 24V DC. Power dissipation is at 3.5 W and thermal dissipation is 11.9 BTU/hr. It also has a continuous isolation voltage of 30V and has been tested at 720V DC for 60 s. It has an operating temperature of 0 to 60 Degrees Celsius, a storage temperature of -40 to 85 Degrees Celsius, and a maximum surrounding air temperature of 60 Degrees Celsius. Relative humidity is between 5% to 95% (noncondensing) and its vibration is 2 g at 10 to 500 Hz, with operating and non-operating shocks of 30 g and 50 g respectively.

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1771-OFE2 3500/92 136180-01 3HNA006145-001 AAI835-H00
1771-NR 3500/92 5SHX2645L0004 AAI543-H00
1756-EWEB 3500/72M 176449-08 6008BZ10000E 915U-2-900US
1769-IF8 3500/72M 6009BZ10000K MW100-E-1H
1794-OF4I 3500/70M 176449-09 6009BZ10000P EC401-10
1794-IF2XOF2I 3500/70M 136449-09 6011BZ10001C EB401-10
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