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/AB | 1746-BTM | Barrel Temperature Module
AB | 1746-BTM | Barrel Temperature Module

AB | 1746-BTM | Barrel Temperature Module

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    Allen Bradley
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  • Weight :

    0.4 kg
  • Dimension :

    12.7 x 5.1 x 15.2 cm
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  • Description :

    Barrel Temperature Module

The Allen-Bradley 1746-BTM is a Barrel Temperature Control Module (BTM) in the SLC 500 series. The 1746-BTM is compatible only with SLC 502, SLC 503, SLC 504 and SLC 505 processors in a local I/O chassis. It has 4 temperature inputs at 16-bit or 15-bits resolution. The 1746-BTM has 50mV or 100mV analog inputs and has no analog outputs.  The 1746-BTM uses the 16-bit signed integer for its data format. The module has a backplane current of 110mA at 5V DC and 85mA at 24N DC. The 1746-BTM uses the 1746-RT32 for connecting hardware. The Barrel Temperature Control Module intelligently controls four heat/cool PID loops for barrel temperature control applications.

The 1746-BTM accommodates thermal couple inputs B, C, D, E, J, K, N, R, S or T, a sigma-delta modulation as the conversion method. It has a low-pass digital filter on analog input. The 1746-BTM has a common mode rejection >120dB at 50/50 HZ with 1KΩ imbalance and a thermal mode rejection >50dB at 50Hz and >60dB at 60Hz. Additionally, the 1746-BTM has a channel bandwidth of 8Hz and an isolation voltage capped at 1000V AC for 60sec.

The 1746-BTM can be used with injection moulding and extrusion temperature control applications. The 1746-BTM does not support any other type of application. For programming, the 1746-BTM has an Auto Tune feature. This makes it possible to identify and incorporate all the characteristics of the controlled system into the control scheme all in a one-time event. Bits 10-8 to 100 can be configured to report error codes in word 192 of the output image buffer table.

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